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Abraham - BRIL11


Abraham - BRIL11




African Americans--History, African Americans--History--To 1863, Artisans, Bricklayers


South Carolina Gazette


April 11, 1771






Lionel Chalmers


Lionel Chalmers home at the northwest corner of Chalmers and State Streets

Home Location

Charleston, South Carolina


1. Formerly enslaved by Mr. Tatnell of Georgia
2. Self-emancipated from Lionel Chalmers
3. Passed for a free man named Charles
4. Hired himself out to individuals near Toogoodoo

Item Type



Lionel Chalmers submitted several advertisements seeking the return of Abraham. The first advertisements featured in the South Carolina Gazette from February 7, 1771 - March 28, 1771 advised against hiring Abraham. The advertisements featured in the South Carolina Gazette April 11, 1771 and April 16, 1771 were general runaway slave advertisements.


RUN-AWAY form the Subscriber, about the Beginning of January last, a Negro Man, named ABRAHAM , by Trade a Bricklayer, who is well known in many Parts of this Province, and in Georgia, having formerly been the Property of Mr. Tatnell there; but since be absented himself he passes For a free Man, by the Name of GHARLES, and has been employed by several Persons about Toogodoo. He is a talkative, grumbling, well-set Fellow, of a yellowish Complexion; 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, 33 Years of Age, tho' he seems older, and wears his Hair bushy and long below his Ears; his proper Dress consisted of a Coat, Waistcoat, and long Trowsers of blue Plains, good Stockings, shoes, Silver Buckless, and an old Beaver Hat; but he some Times puts on a dark Olive-coloured Coat, and blue Breeches, both of superfine Cloth, which he stole from his Master when the former was quite new, the Sleeves of which being too long for him, he had the Cuffs raised higher than they at first were. FIVE POUNDS shall be paid, on his being delivered to the Warden of the Work-House; but those who apprehend him must be very attentive, else he will give them the slip; and Masters of Vessels are cautioned not to carry him off.


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