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Saul/Solomon - COO36


Saul/Solomon - COO36




African Americans--History, African Americans--History--To 1863, Artisans, Coopers and cooperage


South Carolina Gazette


July 11, 1771






Peter Porcher


Peter Porcher's Plantation

Home Location

St. Stephens Parish, Berkeley County, South Carolina


1. Formerly enslaved by Captain North
2. Self-emancipated from Peter Porcher

Item Type



RUN away from the subscriber’s plantation in St. Stephen’s parish, in the night of Wednesday the second instant, the following negroes, viz. a Negro man, named Saul or Solomon, but commonly called Saul; and a wench, named Charlotte with a male child at her breast, about eight months old. Saul is a tall, likely black fellow, with a large beard, speaks very proper English; is sensible; about twenty-fve or thirty years of age, and a cooper by trade. Charlotte his wife is a likely sensible wench, not above nineteen or twenty years of age, of a yellowish complexion, with a scar on her forehead; has always been brought up to the house, and is an extraordinary seamstress. They were both lately clothed with osnabrugs and bought, some time last winter, by Mr. John Edwards at Mr. Levy’s up the path, at the sale of the late Captain North’s estate, and purchased from Mr. Edwards by the subscriber. They took with them a small mouse-coloured horse, branded with Capt. North’s brand, with saddle, bridle and all the effects they had, it is supposed, with an intent never to return to their owner. They were pursued the next morning, and tracked several miles, making towards the southward; where it is imagined they are gone; and, as they have friends and relations about Ponpon, it is likely they will be harboured there. Whoever will apprehend the said run-aways and deliver them, or either of them, to the warden of the work-house, or to the subscriber, in Charles Town, shall receive for Saul ten pounds, and for the wench and child ten pounds, or twenty pounds for the three, and all reasonable charges. Also ran away from the subscriber’s plantation, on the 7th day of June last, a Negro fellow named Fortune, a likely, slim, active black fellow, about thirty-five years of age, formerly the property of Mr. Adam Stewart, of St. Stephen’s parish, deceased; notoriously known for his villainy in may [sic] parts of the province, and remarkable for stuttering and stammering in his speech, as he can scarce utter a word properly; his common apparel was, a short blue jacket, white negro cloth robbin, and osnabrigs breeches. Whoever will apprehend this run-away and delivers him as aforesaid, shall receive a reward of TWENTY POUNDS currency, from
Peter Porcher.


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